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A Tax on Bunny Rabbits gets a Staff Pick at Vimeo

This is nice – I recently made the full version of my short film “A Tax on Bunny Rabbits” publicly viewable on Vimeo and it picked up a Staff Pick, which means it gets seen by a whole bunch of people.

Looks like it’s picked up about 36,000 views over the weekend and I’m getting lots of nice responses to it.

Time to make another film!

…and what’s he been up to?

I’ve got a brand new daughter who has a wonderful mother. I recently finished directing a batch of animation for the Silk Soy Milk interactive YouTube campaign and a few TV spots for Bank of America. I just finished reading ‘King Rat’ by James Clavell and ‘Altered Carbon’ by Richard Morgan. I enjoyed both books. I’m experimenting with cheap 3D stereoscopy techniques and ASCII animation.