Nathaniel Akin


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Who is Nathaniel Akin?

Everybody needs a vanity domain and this one's mine.

My name is Nathaniel Akin. According to Google there are at least 3 other people on the internet going by the same name: a Baptist, a basketball player and a musician. If you’re looking for any of them, you’re in the wrong place.

I’m the Nathaniel Akin that makes motion pictures, animated TV commercials, broadcast design and the occasional pizza. You’ll find examples of my recent animation, design and direction work at RiotSquad.TV or my company site:

When I’m not making moving images I like to do the occasional painting and play with technology.

The Ballad of Olof Johnson

Trapper Schoepp wanted a 8 bit pixel style music video for the Ballad of Olof Johnson.

So here it is, based on his family story with a dash of Oregon Trail:

Ballad of Olof Johnson