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The Ballad of Olof Johnson

Trapper Schoepp wanted a 8 bit pixel style music video for the Ballad of Olof Johnson.

So here it is, based on his family story with a dash of Oregon Trail:

Ballad of Olof Johnson

2016 – A new year with fresh new pixels

A New Year already!

I just finished up some 8-bit pixel work on a rather great skater-travel show. I’ll post that here as soon as it’s publicly released.

The pixel thing seems to keep on going no matter what year it is, I’m also working on a music video in that same retro pixel game style which, again, I’ll post when it goes public.

In the meanwhile if you’re looking for some nice big blocky pixels, check out my pixel channel on vimeo – chock a block full of that style by all sorts of creative people.

Here’s to a New Year!