Trapper Schoepp – Ballad of Olof Johnson

A long long time ago a Swedish immigrant set out from Chicago late in the fall to make his way in America.

In South Dakota he was trapped in a blizzard and had to dig deep down in the ground to survive the winter underneath his wagon until the snow melted.

Also a long time ago (but not quite as long ago) there was a video game called ‘Oregon Trail’ – a classic educational game where the goal was to survive a covered wagon trip across America.

This project for the Trapper Schoepp song ‘Ballad of Olof Johnson’ combines those two inspirations into a retro 8-bit pixel music video. You can find out more about the history at

-Nathaniel Akin


  • Director: Nathaniel Akin
  • Studio: Oxen Media
  • Music: Trapper Schoepp
  • Management: Ben Perlstein
  • Design: Nathaniel Akin & Celest Brown
  • Label: Xtra Mile Recordings