Bell Mobility – Testimonials

This is one of my favorite ads from the first Bell Mobility pixel campaign, and the first spot where I had a chance to do some of the pixel art design.

I love the variety of characters and the psuedo man-on-the-street casual flow of this commercial. I directed this spot at Global Mechanic along with close to a hundred other pixel spots. The mix of design and animation work on these spots was great fun but a bit hectic at times creating content for a national campaign that included TV, cinema, online and print design.

That guy with the mullet lived in my neighbourhood when I was growing up – the orange ten speed, the denim cut-offs, the mesh half top – I never could pull it off, but it was cool when I was ten.

-Nathaniel Akin


  • Director: Nathaniel Akin
  • Studio: Global Mechanic
  • Producer: Tina Oullette
  • Creative Director: Bruce Alcock
  • Animation: Ian Godfrey & Cesare Battista
  • Agency: Rethink Advertising