Bank of America – Better Money Habits

I directed a series of over 30 whiteboard explainers for this Bank of America / Kahn Academy financial education website. I worked with a great team of animators and illustrators at Global Mechanic in Vancouver and enjoyed the daily brainstorming sessions to come up with interesting images for a pretty dry subject.

-Nathaniel Akin


  • Director: Nathaniel Akin
  • Studio: Global Mechanic
  • Producers: Tina Oullette, Liz Murray, Allison Barry, Chris Brodie
  • Creative Director: Bruce Alcock
  • Animation: Ian Godfrey, Cesare Battista, Nathaniel Akin, Jesse Wilson, Yumiko Sasakawa, Biancca Ozawa, Jason Moffat, Robyn Fulbrook, Wei Lei
  • Agency: Digitas