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A Tax on Bunny Rabbits gets a Staff Pick at Vimeo

This is nice – I recently made the full version of my short film “A Tax on Bunny Rabbits” publicly viewable on Vimeo and it picked up a Staff Pick, which means it gets seen by a whole bunch of people.

Looks like it’s picked up about 36,000 views over the weekend and I’m getting lots of nice responses to it.

Time to make another film!

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  1. Greg Carlson says:

    My name is Greg Carlson and I am a professor of film studies at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota and a volunteer with the Fargo Film Festival, the premier moving image event in the state of North Dakota.

    Every year, I program a selection of very short film and video work for the Fargo Film Festival’s popular 2-Minute Movie Contest and I would very much like to include your short A Tax on Bunny Rabbits.

    Would you be willing to let me show your movie at our event (the setting is a beautiful art deco/art moderne single screen movie palace with seating for 850)?

    I look forward to hearing from you and thanks for making such lovely images.


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